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Einstein cool

Over the course of 1905, a young Swiss patent office clerk named
Albert Einstein would have four papers published that eventually turned the world of physics—and our understanding of reality—upside down. The 26-year-old's publications in the Annalen der Physik merely described the dual nature (wave and particle) of light, offered the first experimental evidence for the existence of atoms, posited the mind-blowing special theory of relativity, and theorized that matter and energy were two sides of the same coin in the classic equation, E = mc2. Although he didn't publish his masterful general theory of relativity until 1916 and didn't pick up his Nobel until 1922, Einstein became the sort of scientist-celebrity rarely seen before or since.

In honor of the centennial anniversary of Einstein's "miracle year," a breathtakingly comprehensive exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center in West Los Angeles celebrates the life and works of the complicated,
passionate, wild-haired genius. The displays, many of them interactive, are parsed into nine sections: Einstein's revolution, life and times, light, time, energy, gravity, Einstein in peace and war, global citizen, and the good professor's legacy. An ongoing series of Einstein-inspired lectures, art installations, concerts, and other activities supplements the core presentation.

The only West Coast showing of the exhibition, it runs until May 29, 2005, at the Skirball before moving to Jerusalem's Bloomfield Science Museum. For more info on Einstein, go to

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