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AU.S. patent has been granted to Berkeley Process Control for the company's Soft-I/O technology. The technology performs truly distributed control of discrete and analog devices with a single configurable product. Previously, hundreds of specialized I/O modules were required to control various I/O devices in a typical tool. With a single module, a toolmaker can configure and control virtually any I/O device that may interact with the tool. The technology removes the greatest impediment to building lower-cost tools. It supports and enhances a distributed controlarchitecture using standard cable interconnections and standard Ethernet hardware. Information:

Coventor has modified its Web site to serve as an expanded resource for MEMS designers. The site features free evaluation software downloads, searchable white papers, presentations, and data sheets. In addition, it explains the company's MEMS design methodology in a user-friendly environment. Offering a comprehensive overview of the company's CoventorWare product line, the site provides users with information on software modules for radio frequency and optical MEMS, sensors, and microfluidic applications. It also contains CoventorWare training sessions, events, and news items. The site also features a university program that enables users to review student papers and scholarship opportunities. Information:

Mallinckrodt Baker has increased the bulk acids packaging capability at its Phillipsburg, NJ, facility by 50%, ensuring that it can meet existing customer needs while supporting the increased demand for bulk acids used in front- and back-end cleaning and surface-preparation applications in the microelectronics industry. By using lean manufacturing concepts and six-sigma quality methods during the expansion, the company has achieved improved product flow throughout its fill area. Information:

Kollmorgen AKM servomotors from Danaher Motion are available with high-resolution sine-absolute encoders. They are also available with resolver, encoder (commutating), and smart-feedback-device options to help users meet specific application requirements. The motors are UL, cUL, and TUV listed and carry the CE mark. They provide excellent performance with higher acceleration and torque in a smaller footprint than comparably sized motors, allowing OEMs to reduce overall tool size while increasing tool throughput and reliability. The motors are available in seven frame sizes with 25 stack/frame combinations, 77 windings, and 19 different mounting patterns. They also have multiple connectivity and feedback options, shaft seals, and integral brakes. With a continuous torque range from 0.2 to 53 N•m, the motors can provide speeds up to 8000 rpm. Information:

A free catalog from SKF Motion Technologies highlights inch-series linear ball bearings, pillow block units, shafting, and accessories. The components offer a practical alternative to metric linear ball-bearing products and enable users to design cost-effective and reliable linear guidance systems, regardless of an application's specified dimension requirements. The compact bearings feature recirculating balls to reduce friction and promote unlimited stroke, enabling fast and precise load transport. Open and closed designs in standard or corrosion-resistant models are available. All are equipped with integral seals. The 22-page catalog, SKF Inch Linear Bearing Series, lists relevant specifications, including dimensions, load ratings, and available materials. Information:

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