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Greatest Hits of 2005

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PANalytical offers a series of upgrades for its x-ray fluorescence wafer analyzers: a new version of SuperQ software that enhances the user interface and improves integration with other metrology techniques, new boron detection channels that boost the system's gauge capability, and improved embedded firmware that achieves excellent results with very thin or flexible wafers. SuperQ software offers enhanced FP-Multi results presentation, providing users with a full data report or enabling them to select particular parameters. Its improved interface allows fabs to integrate data on film thickness collected using alternative technologies. The boron detectors improve throughput at a given accuracy or increase accuracy at a given data-collection time. For a limited period, the upgrades are available at a reduced price to owners of PW2800, PW2820, PW2830, and PW2880 systems. Information:

A new Web site from Ionics offers comprehensive on-line information on the company's complete line of systems and services for water purification, wastewater treatment, and water analysis. The fully redesigned site takes advantage of the latest Web development tools to create a dynamic appearance. It provides quick and efficient access to the latest company and product information. The user-friendly format enables visitors to navigate the site effectively, selecting the technologies and applications that are most suitable for their needs. The site offers a wide selection of downloadable technical papers, case studies, feature articles, and data sheets, as well as a company fact sheet and worldwide contact list. Information:

FSI International has been awarded a patent for a new process that etches high-k films with high selectivity. For use at the 45-nm node and below, the process performs wet etching of high-k films, which is not possible with traditional dielectric wet-etch techniques. It works by contacting high-k films with a dilute fluoride-containing solution to selectively etch the high-k film. The process chemistry provides hafnium silicate removal rates of up to 80Å/min, with selectivity to TEOS-deposited oxide as high as 16:1. Chipmakers can use the process on the company's Magellan immersion clean system and the Zeta spray processing system to remove high-k thin films quickly and selectively. Information:

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers free samples of its Meldin polyimide and high-performance thermoplastic materials. The complete range of materials is available in the form of rods, sheets, custom-molded parts, machined components, or stock shapes for excellent machinability. When used continuously, the materials retain their critical properties over temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 600°F (315°C). When used intermittently, they function up to 900°F (482°C). The materials have high dimensional stability, low thermal conductivity, and low friction. Information:

A 2005–2007 catalog from Pfeiffer Vacuum covers the company's vacuum technology, including equipment for producing, controlling, and measuring vacuum. The four-color, hardcover catalog contains information on each product's applications, features, technical data, and part numbers. It also includes accessories and components. Products include turbomolecular, rotary vane, Roots, dry, and diffusion pumps; vacuum gauges and controllers; helium leak detectors; flanges; feedthroughs; and valves. The catalog also offers an expanded line of large turbo pumps, the HiMag magnetic-bearing turbo pump with an integrated controller, the XtraDry low-particulate dual-piston pump, and the magnetically coupled Roots pump. An on-line catalog is available. Information:

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