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Product Technology News

Ion Implantation Tools

Axcelis Technologies

Beverly, MA

The Optima family of single-wafer ion implantation tools is a comprehensive platform that performs all ion implantation applications at the 65-nm technology node and beyond. The first tool in the series, the Optima MD, offers implant precision and productivity for a wide variety of low-energy, middose applications, especially high-tilt HALO processes. With a broad energy range of 500 to 750 keV, the system also enables customers to perform evolving well and channel implants while achieving high productivity levels for more-traditional implant processes. The tool family also includes systems for performing high-dose and high-energy applications.

Benchtop FTIR Spectrometer

Thermo Electron

Madison, WI

The Nicolet ECO/RS Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer is a benchtop tool used for wafer analysis. Integrated with the Nicolet 6700 FTIR spectrometer, the instrument can measure materials with nanometer-size dimensions and purities that often exceed 99.999%. It is used in manufacturing support labs and in near-line and on-line applications to determine dopant uniformity in silicon wafers. Because silicon is infrared transparent, common FTIR applications include thickness measurements on epitaxial films, MEMS and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) analysis, interstitial oxygen and substitutional carbon measurement in silicon, and dielectric film characterization. The ECO/RS provides the same analytical capabilities as the fab-ready members of the FTIR family, enabling easy transfer of recipes from the lab to the fab.

Hybrid Ball Screws


Bedford, MA

Hybrid ball screws use ceramic rolling elements. By incorporating balls manufactured from silicon nitride instead of tool steel, the ball screws eliminate microwelding in the ball nut. The benefits of this construction include longer lifetime, lower friction, and less lubricant use. In a preloaded nut, microwelding typically occurs when the lubricant film breaks down between the balls and thread, resulting in direct metal-to-metal contact. When the nut moves with respect to the screw, tiny bits of the steel balls break off and mix with the lubricant in the nut. Over time, the solid metal chips in the oil or grease adversely affect the lubricant's ability to function properly, causing adhesive wear and premature failure. The ball screws are available in a range of sizes.

Imprint Lithography System

Molecular Imprints

Austin, TX

A nanoimprint system for use in next-generation lithography applications, the Imprio 250 offers sub-50-nm half-pitch resolution, sub-10-nm alignment, and integrated magnification control. The tool is built around a core platform using step-and-flash imprint lithography (S-FIL) technology. It includes fully automated wafer handling for wafers as large as 300 mm and automated template-loading capability. The system has a novel in-liquid alignment and magnification control system for performing precision overlay in advanced lithography applications.

Spin Track System

SITE Services

Santa Clara, CA

The Tractrix XP spin track system is a cassette-fed standard mechanical interface–compliant wafer track system with Windows XP GUI for recipe creation and system control. For use at 0.25-Ám geometries and below, the fully automated tool offers precise and repeatable results, easy substrate size changes, embedded maintenance procedures, and network connectivity. It has an optional environmental control for temperature, humidity, and particle and chemical filtration. The small-footprint, low-maintenance system can be used for full production or R&D applications. Modules and configurations are available for coat/bake/chill, PEB/chill/develop, plasma polymer removal, dual-jet high-pressure scrub, and other applications.

Cleanroom Wipes

JNJ Industries

Franklin, MA

Tough, lint-free ultraclean 810B SmartWipes offer the same cleanroom-grade quality and cleaning performance as 810 wipes but cost less because they are bulk-packaged by machine rather than hand-stacked. The Class 100 polyester wipes offer very low particle generation and soluble extractables. They are for use in environments that require wipes with good absorbency, tear resistance, and softness. They clean aggressively but do not scratch surfaces. The 9 X 9-in. wipes are manufactured from 100% continuous-filament polyester fiber and have a knit construction.

Ultrasonic Sensors


Freeport, IL

Featuring easy installation and teach-in programming, 941-D ultrasonic sensors are suitable for applications such as level detection and wafer mapping. The sensors offer longer scanning distances than inductive technology. Unlike photoelectric technology, they are not affected by dust, light, and color. The sensors' nontouch technology makes them more reliable than electromechanical sensors and more cost-effective than laser technology. They feature one analog or two switching outputs in a limit switch–style housing with a five-pin standard M-12 connector. With epoxy heads and high IP67 sealing, they are for use in many wet processes or difficult areas and applications that require high chemical resistance.

Flaring System


Solon, OH

The FTF 1000 system flares the ends of plastic tubing before installation with PFA fine-thread flare-type fittings. The system flares 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1-in. PFA and FEP tubing, increasing the reliability of plastic fluid systems by reducing potential entrapment areas and ensuring a leak-tight connection. The tool features a robust patent-pending design, making it easy to operate with minimal training. In addition, it is portable and offers better cycle times than other flaring technologies. By providing consistent, well-shaped flares, it performs better than cold or hot flaring technology. A 120-V ac model is available for the U.S. and Japanese markets.

DC Power Systems

Advanced Energy Industries

Fort Collins, CO

Summit DC power-conversion and control systems offer power performance, repeatability, and precision in advanced PVD applications. The specialized systems enable high throughput and process flexibility for demanding generation-7 and -8 flat-panel-display and sub-65-nm semiconductor applications. They feature high arc management by delivering 12 mJ of energy into a plasma arc at full power, enhancing yields in new PVD applications. They deliver up to 50 kW from 300 to 3000 V dc, while interfacing with an input power range of 380 to 480 V ac. The systems' modular design eases installation and maintenance, increasing tool uptime and reliability. In critical reactive processes requiring a high level of arc management, the Pulsar pulsing capability provides advanced process control.

CMP Pad Conditioner

Morgan Advanced Ceramics

Fairfield, NJ

A pad conditioner that is used in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) processes, Diamonex Phoenix conditioner is manufactured using a chemical vapor–deposited diamond film. The film bonds diamond grit to a silicon or ceramic substrate, resulting in an all-diamond surface that is inert to corrosive CMP slurries. This molecular diamond-bond surface avoids the chemical interactions experienced by nickel-plated and sintered conditioners and also minimizes loose diamond grit, preventing wafer scratches. Available in a range of sizes, the conditioners have improved planarity, which increases the amount of diamond that contacts the pad to be conditioned, thereby improving surface conditioning.

FTIR Moisture Analyzers


Costa Mesa, CA

A new generation of Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) moisture analyzers, the V series has been reengineered for more-sensitive detection levels and increased durability under vacuum. Product enhancements include new dual ADC electronics for improved signal to noise, a sensitive thermoelectrically cooled indium arsenide detector, electropolished gas cells that eliminate sample moisture retention, and low internal power dissipation for durability under extended vacuum operation. The analyzers provide real-time measurement of trace moisture in NH3, HCl, HBr, NF3, and other corrosive matrices. Measurement intervals are typically less than 1 minute.

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