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Greatest Hits of 2005

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The L-Edit MEMS Design from Tanner EDA adds all-angle design-rule checking (DRC) capability to the company's L-Edit MEMS software. Using DRC, users can find out instantly if their designs violate the rules for standard or custom fabrication processes. DRC enables designers to check for minimum spacing between any type of polygonal object on various layers. Violations are highlighted when they are made. Users can also create customized DRC rules to meet proprietary MEMS fabrication processes. Developing and maintaining technology files is easily manageable through a series of design setup dialog boxes. As designers create more SoC configurations requiring electrical and mechanical devices on the same chip, the design package enables them to handle MEMS and IC design simultaneously. Information:

The Air Liquide Balazs Analytical Services laboratory in Corbeil-Essones, France, has become ISO/CEI 17025 accredited, completing the accreditation of the company's worldwide laboratory operations. The accreditation certifies that the lab complies with rigorous standards in more than 100 ultratrace analytical methods. The standards certify that the company uses well-defined test and calibration methods; performs method validation and uncertainty measurement; and maintains measurement transparency, reliability, and repeatability. They also ensure the technical competence of lab personnel, who must participate in proficiency testing programs and exhibit ethical laboratory behavior. Finally, the standards require QA of test and calibration results. Info: (Semicon West, North Hall, Booth 5305)

Colder Products has released a catalog highlighting its industrial electronics products. Available in downloadable pdf format and on CD-ROM, the catalog features an extensive range of quick-disconnect couplings and fittings for secure, dry-break fluid connections in industrial and electronic applications. The catalog features four new product families and more than 100 new items. Product descriptions include technical and dimensional data in both metric and fractional formats. The catalog contains a chemical compatibility guide and a pictorial index to guide specifiers. Information: (Semicon West, North Hall, Booth 6053)

BedeMetrix x-ray metrology tools from Bede provide enhanced small-spot measuring capability for 50- to 300-mm semiconductor wafers. The new capability enables users to measure sub-100-Ám test pads in chips and scribe lines on processed wafers. Typical applications include epi-layer composition and thickness, polycrystalline-layer thickness, phase and texture, pore size, and pore-size distribution. The BedeMetrix-L measures thickness as well as the fundamental material properties and structures of materials, including epi and nonepi layers. Information: (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 2814)

Hach Ultra Analytics offers PortAll Version 2 software, expanding the capabilities of handheld and portable particle counters. The software enables users to organize, archive, and retrieve particle-count data easily. It is used to track particle counts, identify trends, and eliminate particle contamination sources. A scheduler feature allows operators to collect particle-count data automatically. Operators can reduce gowning frequency by detecting particles from outside the cleanroom. The software adheres to ISO and other standards and regulations. It also conducts rapid pass/fail reporting. Information:

A brochure from Watlow details electric process heating and control products, including electric process heaters and systems, a control panel, a process controller, a power controller, and temperature sensor products. The brochure highlights immersion and circulation heaters, duct heaters, over-the-side heaters, and specialty heaters such as ceramic-fiber and tubular radiant heaters. The brochure also has a illustration showing the range and flexibility of the company's offerings. Information: (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 2731)

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