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Semicon West 2005:

A San Francisco State of Mind

For the first time since 1996, the entire Semicon West trade show takes over San Francisco's newly expanded Moscone Center. With the opening of the West Hall, the final-manufacturing companies rejoin their wafer processing colleagues after years of separation in San Jose. The newly reconstituted event takes place Tuesday through Thursday, July 12–14, with a full agenda of conferences, standards meetings, and workshops taking place over the course of the week. SEMI expects some 1400 exhibitors from 25 countries occupying 3500 booths this year, with attendance in the neighborhood of 50,000.

Among the highlights are a series of "Voices of the Industry" keynotes, featuring such luminaries as Tim Eckersley, Nokia's senior vp of customer and market operations (Tuesday); Bernie Meyerson, an IBM fellow and vp/chief technologist in Big Blue's systems and technology group (Wednesday); and Bob Doering, cochair of the International Roadmap Committee and a senior fellow in Texas Instruments' silicon technology development unit (Thursday). In addition to the keynoters, Kevin Kettler, Dell's CTO, will be a featured speaker at the SEMI Market Symposium on Monday. The Fab Managers Forum, which returns to the San Francisco Marriott on Wednesday, focuses on design for manufacturing (DFM) as an imperative for achieving sustainable yields in the fabrication of 90-nm and below devices. The Marriott also plays host to the more than 100 standards meetings and several standards technical education programs.

The Emerging Technologies Hall, located in the Moscone Esplanade, will offer a platform for cutting-edge applications in the realms of chipmaking, EDA, nanotechnology, MEMS, and e-manufacturing. A central part of the hall will be the Technology Innovation Showcase (TIS) pavilion, which features companies selected for their elite and potentially disruptive products. (See below for more info on the TIS.)

If you come to Semicon West, be sure to visit MICRO at Booth 1601 in the South Hall.

The following companies and their respective products and technologies made the final cut for this year's Technology Innovation Showcase (TIS), which takes place in the Emerging Technologies Hall in the Moscone Esplanade. The hall also includes the only WiFi hot-spot lounge at Semicon West.

ATMI's ProE-Vap transports solid CVD precursors at low temperatures efficiently, reducing the ALD cost of ownership and promoting high wafer throughput with low tool downtime.

Aviza Technology's Satin is a proprietary low-pressure chemical vapor deposition process for depositing silicon nitride at approximately 500°C.

Bede Scientific's BedeScan is a digital defect-mapping tool for high-speed identification and quantification of structural defects in semiconductor wafer substrates and epilayers.

Brewer Science's CON-TACT planarized device layers improve performance and ease of use, while reducing cycle times, material use, and costs for STI/DRAM, SRAM, ILD/MRAM, waveguides, and MEMS devices.

Chapman Instruments' MPT1000 is a noncontact thickness-measuring system for ultrathin (0.1-mm) and bumped wafers after backgrind. The tool uses a dual-focused laser beam as its measurement method.

Checkpoint Technologies' InfraScan 200 INV employs scanning laser beams to provide feedback to chip designers pinpointing where circuits need modification to increase performance, cutting development time.

Electro Scientific Industries features the smallest wafer ID/reading system, reducing reader real estate more than 50% with improved readability of OCR and 2D-ID "supersoft" wafer-identification marks.

Extraction (now part of Mykrolis) offers LithoScout, the only packaged air- and gas-sampling system for simultaneously detecting low-level acid, base, and organic contamination. The system meets all sampling and reporting specifications.

LogicVision's products measure picosecond jitter, jitter tolerance parameters, and wave shape in <100 ms/channel, with diagnostic and pass/fail outputs, on almost any tester.

Micro Encoder's sensor measures height and orientation from a silicon wafer or polished surface, or any combination of position and orientation from a special scale.

MKS Instruments introduces a new toroidal plasma source for generating ultraclean atomic neutrals (radicals) remotely from the process chamber for many different on-wafer processes.

Nano Cluster Devices' proprietary self-assembly technology facilitates the fabrication of transistors, interconnects, gas and biochemical sensors, read heads, and many other nanowire-based devices.

Nanodynamics' Nano metal powders, used for applications in interconnects within packages and modules, are 10 nm and larger, have controlled surface chemistry, and are available as dry powders and dispersions.

NanoGeometry Research's die-to-database geometry verification tool, the NGR2100, is capable of 2-D CD measurements in x, y, and curvilinear dimensions that can be used to perform OPC verification.

Nanometrix has developed a patent-pending process and the necessary machinery to produce ultrathin 2-D continuous films, with photoresists and fuel cells as initial market applications.

Nikon Precision's NSR-S609B immersion lithography system features a 1.07 NA, advanced polarization control, and a proprietary nozzle design.

nLine's Fathom, featuring direct-to-digital holography (DDH), uses both intensity and phase of reflected light to detect defects. Sensitivity in the vertical dimension is not limited by diffraction, providing an increased signal-to-noise ratio.

OnWafer's PlasmaRx performs plasma-chamber fault isolation. The system's data-processing capability combines with the company's mobile wireless SensorWafers to resolve plasma-chamber faults quickly.

Physik Instrumente's Nexline, a high-force, high-resolution linear piezomotor, features subnanometer resolution, unlimited travel, and forces to 50 kg. It is nonmagnetic and vacuum compatible and has a zero-drift autolock mode.

Silicon Genesis's NanoTec is a suite of technology licenses in layer-transfer and engineered-substrate technology that includes NanoCleave, NanoBond, NanoSmooth, and NanoStrain solutions.

Tiger Optics' LaserTrace cavity ring-down analyzer offers multipoint detection from 100 ppt to1000 ppm. It is a calibration-free, extremely fast, sensitive, robust, and transportable system.

University of Toronto Innovations Foundation showcases a bidirectional microelectrostatic actuator that provides large stroke displacement, eliminates stiction, and is CMOS compatible for fabricating RF MEMS products such as tunable capacitors and RF inductors.

Verionix's VX-2100 is a miniaturized gas analyzer for process control and fault detection that offers composition data under common process conditions without differential pumping or sampling.



Tuesday, July 12
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Wednesday, July 13
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Thursday, July 14
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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