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Asyst Technologies is offering its Interface A–compliant equipment data acquisition (EDA) Client Emulator under an open-source license. The product provides an interactive environment that allows users to test EDA client scenarios against Interface A implementations. In addition, it enables fabs, equipment vendors, and system integrators to test a software application’s client-side EDA capabilities and to run EDA usage scenarios as defined by Sematech. In addition to the EDA Client Emulator, the company has developed a stand-alone testing utility that is focused on Interface A compliance validation. This utility provides one-touch compliance verification of equipment and fabs’ EDA implementations against the latest versions of SEMI standards E120, E125, E132, and E134. Information:

Emerson Process Management and MSP have incorporated Brooks Instrument flow control technologies into the MSP Model 2800 Turbo-Vaporizer, which deposits hafnium-based high-k dielectric films in DRAM production. The vaporization system, which uses a Quantim Coriolis mass-flow controller (MFC) and a thermal MFC from Brooks, solves many of the issues associated with the traditional liquid vaporizers used in chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition processes. The direct-liquid-injection unit uses fine droplets to vaporize temperature-sensitive liquid-precursor chemicals. It generates lower levels of particulates than conventional flash vaporizers, in which precursor thermal decomposition degrades film quality, contaminates wafers, lowers yields, and causes unreliable vaporizer operation. Information:,, and

Yield Enhancement Service (YES) from Ponté Solutions enables engineers to design and identify critical areas for reducing yield loss in high-volume chips. The company’s model-based yield-analysis technology enables a robust and flexible yield sensitivity analyzer to identify critical areas. Actionable reports from the analyzer allow engineers to run what-if analysis scenarios and help make critical design decisions in the areas of library and IP selection, synthesis, physical design, floorplanning, and GDSII layout. The service interfaces with widely used place-and-route tools and ready-to-use models for process technologies at the 180-nm node and below. YES provides critical-area analysis for all random defect-limited yield issues and enhances devices’ physical design to address the major contributors to yield loss. Information:

Version 9.3.0 of Performance! from Flowserve enables users to size and select control valves. Using industry-standard ISA sizing equations and other measures, the software specifies Flowserve and other valves. It offers detailed information on valve materials, accessories, actuators, positioners, and other components. In addition, it provides data on parameters such as flow, pressure, and cavitation. The program uses an intuitive tab system that allows users to add and alter the many options required for a valve application. Supporting 76 valve models and 29 actuator models, it outputs flow curves, fluid information, valve drawings, and many charts and graphs. Information:

CyberOptics’s wafer-mapping sensors are available in a small package to accommodate space-limited applications. Like EX-Q sensors, the new EX-QS models detect wafers and slotting errors in cassettes or front-opening unified pods (FOUPs). The EX-43QS and EX-73QS sensors use reflective laser technology and optimize the optical-plane geometry, reducing the potential for stray reflections from FOUPs, cassettes, or other wafers. The sensors can detect all types of wafers regardless of diameter, edge geometry, thickness, or coating. They utilize laser transmitters and receivers that can detect dark wafers at factory-gain settings. In addition, they are compatible with flatted or notched wafers of any size, including 300-mm wafers. Information:


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