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Sound the alarm

To hear some tell it, the U.S.-based IC industry faces a looming crisis, one with strategic national importance. Several organizations have sounded the alarm, including the Semiconductor Industry Association and its outspoken president, George Scalise. If public policymakers don’t step up to deal with the “new global competitive challenge,” America will lose its technology and innovation leadership position, according to Scalise.

To alert congressional and executive branchers and anyone else interested in maintaining America’s techno edge, SIA has uploaded The site is divided into sections such as “America’s Innovation Leadership,” “21st Century Workforce,” “The U.S. Chip Industry,” “Chip Applications,” and “Global Competition.” While much of the information might seem basic to the average chiphead, the blurbs, quotes, and resource links should help to educate decision makers on the Hill and elsewhere.

“While the average American uses literally thousands of microchips every day, few people understand what these miniature miracles really do,” noted Scalise in the launch announcement. “ presents all of the elements of the competitiveness agenda in a single, easy-to-use Web site and explains the vital role that semiconductors play in everyday life.”

With U.S. chipmakers’ global revenue share sliding below 50% and more than 80% of new fabs being built elsewhere, SIA and its allies hope the site will serve as a wake-up call.

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