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A new U.S. patent has been granted to Silecs for chemistries used in semiconductor and optoelectronic applications. The patent covers chemical compositions for several silicon-based materials that are used mainly as interlevel dielectrics in IC applications requiring high-aspect-ratio gap-fill and planarization combined with thermomechanical robustness and optimized electrical performance. The patent adds to the company’s intellectual property portfolio of more than 30 issued and pending patents. Pertaining to the chemical compositional matter of unique silicon chemistries, including a broad range of proprietary precursor molecules and polymer materials, the patents also cover the use of these materials in semiconductor and optoelectronic processes and devices. Information:

Emerson Process Management has released two options for its Brooks Instrument Quantim Coriolis mass-flow meters. A Hastelloy C-22 Coriolis sensing tube is available for use in environments that encounter corrosive fluids, and a high-pressure option can be specified for applications with pipeline pressures up to 4500 psi. These options are offered on QMBM (meter) and QMBS (sensor) products. The Hastelloy tube option safeguards against particular types of corrosion. The basic Quantim design incorporates a patent-pending tube-to-body joining technology in which the sensing tube is sealed to the body with a high-purity weld, reducing corrosion potential. The tube protects the meter in applications that use chlorides or in similar applications in which stress corrosion may be a concern. It also provides protection in applications in which erosion of the stainless-steel tube may occur over time. Hastelloy is considerably more corrosion resistant to chlorides than the standard 316L stainless tube, which can be vulnerable to stress corrosion. Information:

A complete turnkey product or an upgrade to existing measurement systems or optical microscopes, the CDMeasure critical dimension (CD) measurement tool from Tamar Technology provides submicron resolution with machine-vision speed at a low cost. The system uses proprietary signal-processing algorithms. Features do not have to be aligned in the measurement window—the instrument compensates for skew automatically. Capable of performing virtually any type of CD measurement in IC and MEMS applications, the system provides repeatable vision measurements and handles low contrast and weak edges. An intensity profile with selectable threshold enables convenient process-engineering setup. Information:

BedeMetrix-F with ScribeView is a strained-silicon process control system from Bede that performs high-resolution x-ray diffraction (HRXRD) to measure epi-layer strain, composition, thickness, and relaxation on product wafers. ScribeView, which combines x-ray optics and the Micro-source x-ray generator, has a small spot that enables in-line measurements in the scribe line or on patterned-wafer pads. For strain-engineered systems such as SiGe structures used in heterojunction bipolar transistor and raised source and drain devices, HRXRD is crucial. It measures the strain, relaxation, composition, and thickness of SiGe independently, nondestructively determining the strain in the silicon channel of raised source and drain devices and, therefore, channel mobility. Information:

Watlow has launched a Web site for the Chinese market. The site contains product and industry information in Mandarin. Some company literature is available in Mandarin for downloading. The home page includes corporate information, and it displays facility photos. It also contains a product showcase, which provides users with easy access to new product offerings. Information:

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