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Product Technology News

Metal Thin-Film Metrology Tool

Rudolph Technologies

Flanders, NJ

MetaPulse-III CMP provides metal thin-film metrology for 90-nm and below manufacturing processes at a low cost of ownership. Copper CMP applications require constant monitoring to control dishing and erosion of the copper film, which can reduce device performance. The tool uses patented noncontact, nondestructive Pulse technology, providing metrology for all stages of copper integration, including yield-critical dense narrow-line-array structures in low-k and ultra-low-k interlayer dielectric materials. The system operates on the Vanguard-II platform, which offers high throughput, user-friendly software, and an improved interface for 300-mm automation standards and fab communications. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 1616)

All-Digital Pressure Transducers

MKS Instruments

Wilmington, MA

For use in delivery systems that feed ultrapure gases to critical process systems, Type 890-series Baratron compact digital pressure transducers feature capacitance diaphragm sensor technology and an advanced digital microprocessor. Based on Baratron capacitance technology, the transducers ensure greater accuracy in lower pressure ranges than strain-gauge-based models. Their compact envelope (125 × 25 mm) and integrated rotatable LED meet the strict footprint requirements of smaller gas panels and cabinets. Durable and well-matched materials (including corrosion-resistant Incoloy nickel-based alloy) provide low thermal coefficients for performance over a wide range of ambient temperatures. A microprocessor-based digital backbone optimizes the sensor’s accuracy and repeatability. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 1716)

Butterfly Valve

GF Piping

Tustin, CA

The corrosion-resistant Type 567/568 butterfly valve incorporates design features that result in long service life, high safety, excellent sealing capabilities, and modular flexibility. The valves have a double eccentric disk design, which reduces seal friction and improves seal wear characteristics, resulting in minimal maintenance and better protection against pressure surges. The design also lowers the torque required to operate the valve, ensuring easy manual operation and the use of smaller actuators at a significantly reduced cost. The valve features a novel sealing technology that enhances the unit’s functionality while eliminating the need for additional gasket seals. Shaft seals incorporate a double O-ring to protect against external leakage. A disk seal replaces the traditional rubber liner to allow the disk to completely disengage from the disk seal during valve opening. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 1438)

Photolithography Mask Aligners


Morgan Hill, CA

Custom-engineered and remanufactured Canon PLA 501/600 and MPA 600-series mask aligners are used in a range of applications, including MEMS and LEDs. The first step in the remanufacturing process involves dismantling the mask aligner down to the component level. Salvageable parts, such as castings and guideshaft components, are cleaned and reprocessed. Then all consumable items are replaced with new or remachined parts. Most of the optics also undergo replacement. In-house engineers then customize the tools to customer specifications. Requirements that go beyond the tools’ normal design capability can be met. Tools are upgraded with more functionality than they had when they were new. Features such as infrared backside alignment can be engineered into the refurbished systems, enabling them to be used in the MEMS environment. The systems can also be adapted to handle substrates with new shapes and sizes, such as squares and rectangles. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 405)


Alcatel Micro Machining Systems

Annecy, France

The AMS 200 I-Productivity deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) inductively coupled plasma tool for volume MEMS manufacturing and other applications provides high silicon etch rates up to 32 µm/min with good uniformity and repeatability, resulting in excellent process yields. Hardware and design improvements to the vacuum pumping lines, the process chamber, the wafer chucks, and the pressure control and gas delivery systems lower operating costs and increase throughput. These modifications reduce etch drift, extend the time between required cleanings, limit the edge exclusion, maximize etch rates, and improve process stability and etch uniformity. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 1316; West Hall, Booth 7254)

Polysilicon Furnaceware

Integrated Materials

Sunnyvale, CA

SiFusion polysilicon furnaceware components perform better than quartz and silicon carbide ones. Components include boats, towers, injectors, and pedestals for tools manufactured by ASM, Aviza, Hitachi-Kokusai, and Tokyo Electron. Meeting the requirements of 200- and 300-mm vertical-furnace applications, the patented SiFusion process enables the manufacture of semiconductor-grade polysilicon furnaceware with many advantages. In LPCVD processes, SiFusion components reduce particle generation and defects. The technology’s surface-texturing process promotes the adherence of deposition films, resulting in parts that do not require routine cleaning. In diffusion processes, SiFusion components virtually eliminate trace-metal contamination. Components are clean to <1.0 × 1010 particles/cm2 for all trace metals, and wafers can be hydrogen annealed up to 1200°C. (Semicon West, North Hall, Booth 6480)


Shin-Etsu MicroSi

Phoenix, AZ

Two photoresist materials can be used in dielectric-film and other applications. A second-generation positive-tone thick material, SIPR 7123 photoresist can form a single coat up to 100 µm thick. The material performs well on copper, offers improved photo speeds, and can be stripped easily after plating using standard solvents. The formulation also eliminates cracking during plating. SINR AD50 is a siloxane-based photoresist that can be developed in tetra-methylammonium hydroxide. For use in stress-buffer applications, it has a dielectric constant in the 3.0 range and requires a curing temperature around 230°C. SINR AD50 has an extended shelf life and can be processed with standard photolithography equipment. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 2642)

Remote Particle Counters

Hach Ultra Analytics

Grants Pass, OR

Met One 4500-series remote airborne particle counters have a minimum sensitivity of 0.3 or 0.5 µm and a flow rate of 2.83 L/min. The units work remotely to monitor cleanrooms, sample inert gases, and verify minienvironments. They are based on Long Life Laser technology, which extends the average service life of the unit’s laser, reducing operating and maintenance expenses. The Long Life Laser diode is covered by a three-year warranty, while the counter itself is covered by a two-year warranty. Modbus and pulse communication protocols make the instrument easy to integrate with an existing facilities management system. The particle counter may be combined with Ultra Vision Online software to monitor a cleanroom from a single desktop console.

Copper Plating Additives

Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials

Marlborough, MA

Targeted at the sub-65-nm node for interconnect metallization, the Ultrafill 4000-series of levelers and suppressors allows customers to add specific amounts of dopants into ultrapure copper films. For levelers, this feature enables improved via stress migration results. The levelers permit customers to tune the copper morphology, bringing a high degree of accuracy and capability to advanced processing. In the suppressor area, the products feature superior wetting capabilities that lead to improved gap filling on thin copper seed layers, delivering enhanced reliability for logic and memory customers. The levelers and suppressors were developed in conjunction with copper tool suppliers and IC customers. They extend existing copper platforms. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 1212)

Cleanroom Cabinetry

Amicon Plastics

Houston, TX

Custom cabinetry for the semiconductor manufacturing industry is made from precision-machined, molded, and fabricated high-performance plastics. From simple components to intricate and critical assembled parts, products include pass-throughs, tanks, and chemical-delivery systems, which are built to customer specifications. On-site design and material selection assistance is available. Complex configurations of formed and machined parts can be welded and assembled. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 944)

Photoelectron Spectroscopy

RKI Instruments

Union City, CA

The Model AC-2 photoelectron spectrometer, designed for atmospheric-pressure operation, consists of an open counter equipped with an ultraviolet source. The instrument, which measures ionization potential and the work function of surfaces, is an electron detector that can be operated in open air (without vacuum). The instrument can measure large samples up to 50 × 50 mm, powder samples, and films on a surface. Measurements can be taken in five minutes, while methods that require vacuum may take up to 30 minutes. Any sample that emits photoelectrons can be measured, including metals and semiconductors. (Semicon West, North Hall, Booth 6458)

Copper Seed Solution


Massy, France

Formulated for advanced interconnect seeding on metal barriers (Ta, TaN, TiN), ALC-S200 is a mild acidic aqueous copper electrolyte solution that enables deposition of ultrathin, homogeneous, uniform, adherent, and conformal layers. The solution is based on proprietary electrografting (eG) technology and is part of the eG Seed product family, an electrochemical process that provides good conformity to thin copper seed layers in the 5- to 20-nm range. A wet approach, ALC-S200 enables ultrathin and conformal copper seed layer deposition and is fully compatible with commercial copper electroplating blend waste streams and toolsets. More versatile and cost-effective than vapor-phase deposition, eG Seed can be integrated with industry-standard electrochemical-deposition copper plating, improving productivity in the metallization module.

Exhaust-Pressure Controller

Advanced Energy Industries

Fort Collins, CO

The Aera EPV100-AP controller provides stable exhaust pressure control under tough fab conditions, including varying atmospheric pressures caused by weather or differing altitudes. Designed to regulate chamber exhaust, the unit enables precise control of tunnel gate oxide film layers by neutralizing the effects of atmospheric pressure. The unit’s patented technology does this by making the chamber pressure a slight vacuum. It can be installed easily into existing fabs because it requires no upstream modifications. Stability, fast response, wide pressure control range, durability and reliability, and low power consumption help improve chipmakers’ yields and lower the cost of ownership. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 2202)

Dry Etch Tool

Unaxis Wafer Processing

St. Petersburg, FL

A fifth-generation dry etch tool for the 45-nm technology node and beyond provides sub-3-nm CD uniformity in chrome etch and 2° phase uniformity for advanced quartz masks, enabling the manufacture of 45-nm photomasks. The platform provides enhanced inductively coupled plasma process capability, including improved particle control, ultralow CD etch bias, and sub-7-nm feature-size linearity. (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 1402)

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