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Dow Corning has been granted a patent in Japan covering the use of silicon carbide barrier films between dielectric and metal layers. Silicon carbide barrier technology is essential in the production of leading-edge devices, which use copper dual-damascene conductors and low-k dielectric insulators. A silicon carbide barrier layer prevents copper metallic species from diffusing into and contaminating neighboring dielectric film layers in the chip interconnect structure. As a result, chipmakers can continue to build smaller and faster devices. Information:

High-performance flat mirrors from Alpine Research Optics are available for general-purpose beam-steering tasks in ultraviolet excimer laser–based applications such as microlithography and micromachining. The thin-film optics offer high reflectivity, long lifetime, excellent laser-damage resistance, and mechanical durability. The product line is supplied on both 25- and 50-mm-diameter fused silica substrates. The off-the-shelf products are available at all common excimer laser wavelengths (193, 248, 308, and 351 nm) in designs optimized for either 0° or 45° incidence. Additional specifications include 1/10 surface flatness (over an 85% clear aperture) and a 10–5 surface quality. Information:

Comet’s service and applications engineers offer a full range of options, from full on-site service for high-volume inspection to a real-time Web interface with one of the company’s global test and inspection centers. Services for manufacturers and OEM customers include 2-D high-resolution x-ray inspection (oblique viewing at virtually any angle), high-volume 2-D x-ray inspection (inspection of more than 4000 samples/day), 3-D µCT x-ray inspection (full failure detectability based on 3-D volume models), and a 3-D µCT Web interface (real-time 3-D cross sections via a secure Internet connection). All inspection services use Feinfocus x-ray inspection systems and the company’s patented HDX-Ray imaging technology. Customers are provided with a detailed inspection report and corresponding x-ray imagery. Information: (Semicon West, West Hall, Booth 8543)

Cimetrix CIMPortal version 1.0 software for SEMI Interface A standards has been released after a worldwide two-year beta program. The company worked with the International Sematech Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), integrated device manufacturers, and equipment suppliers to address the need for high-speed, quality data from manufacturing equipment. In addition to conforming to the SEMI standards, the software conforms to the Japanese tool data interface (TDI) functional specification. The product family includes a flexible architecture for equipment suppliers to collect, manage, and export data in multiple formats. It incorporates the underlying technology for the ISMI equipment client connection emulator, a design reference artifact. The software can create equipment models using application programming interface functions or the equipment model developer graphical user interface. It generates equipment model templates and tools to facilitate reusing sections of equipment models. In addition, it has high-speed data-collection interface module (DCIM) architecture for gathering data from multiple sources simultaneously; applies DCIM to establish an easy-to-use bridge between equipment software applications and CIMPortal; and offers a GEM DCIM for IDMs to retrofit Interface A using a SECS/GEM connection. Information: (Semicon West, South Hall, Booth 1841)

Technical Manufacturing offers the 2006 edition of its general catalog. Devoted to the company’s standard vibration-isolation systems and their recommended applications, the catalog features the Stacis 2100 active piezoelectric vibration control system. The guide also includes CleanTop II optical tops, breadboards, and supports; laboratory tables and tabletop platforms; floor and subfloor platforms and stands; isolators; Mag-NetX magnetic-field cancellation systems; and acoustic enclosures. Information: (Semicon West, North Hall, Booth 6444)

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