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November/December 1999 - Selected Contents

  • A MICRO exclusive presents the views of many leading experts in the semiconductor and microelectronics fields on what faces the industry in the year 2000 and beyond. Topics include copper, in situ monitors, new materials, 300-mm wafers, ESH concerns, metrology, earthquakes, and organic ICs.
  • Top 40: Readers' choices for products of the year from our Product Technology News section range from spin coating valves, CD-SEMs, and wafer inspection systems to high-purity connectors, dielectric etch systems, resist removal tools, and more

October 1999 - Selected Contents

  • Lead Story: SEZ, AlliedSignal, Rodel are latest firms to pursue CMP alternatives
  • Lefty: Moore or less
  • Breakout: Survey majority sees copper chips coming in volume by 2002
  • Breakout: Korean researchers claim new “super silicon wafer” improves yields, lowers production costs
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: SpeedFam-IPEC, Lucid ink water conservation pact; Entegris debuts, signs piping alliance; EKC opens CMP labs; Veeco to buy OptiMag; Asyst picks up Palo Alto Tech; ASML starts NGL tech center at ASU; FEI, Sela combine systems
  • Photo Gallery: Seeing the light
  • Photo Gallery: Clean Sweep
  • 300-mm Imperative: SEZ, Samsung seek new cleaning methods; TI taps M+W Zander; SC300 chooses Entegris FOUPs
  • World Beat:
    Europe: Lucent fab picks Aera MFCs; Sizary signs Crystec; Steag buys Boin software; Philips selects Triant software; Moto grants license to education consortium
    Asia: Philipp MÜller scores UPW order from 1st Silicon; August opens Taiwan office; SCP Global launches partnership; PRI to install system at TSMC
  • What’s Going On: AVS, CMP World, Interface '99, and more
  • Order Desk: Strasbaugh picks Asyst robots; Locus to clean Philips sites; UMC buys Mattson, Applied tools; Extraction sells to AMD
  • 'Round the Circuit: SRC, SSA, International Sematech offer green award; fabless group seeks advice; Moto develops large-area mask; TI claims yield pop with PDF program
  • On Display: Philips, LG partner; Three-Five buys Light Valve; California Display Network Web site debuts
  • Products: CMP and etch metrology tools, high-flow regulators, digital camera, wet scrubber, E-beam inspection tool, ESD-safe swabs, deep-UV microscope, CD metrology tool, cleaning chemistries, cold plates, low-ionic paper, targets, nanotopology analysis system, programmable transmitter, wafer-temp monitor, ESD-protective containers, chemical filter, vacuum pump, plasma source, cleanroom actuators, in situ monitor, tubing resin, quick-disconnect couplings, resist detector, 300-mm wafer prealigner, and more
  • Product Extra!: Improved analyzer detects trace impurities in UHP gases; fluid measurement controller handles diverse applications; firm offers FA, packaging, assembly services; maskmaker receives upgraded E-beam tools
  • Products In Action: Machine vision software improves accuracy of photomask repair system
  • Products In Action: Microcleaving system helps ease FA sample prep bottleneck at Motorola
  • Semicon: This special show section features a directory of exhibitors plus highlights of the technical program

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    September 1999 - Selected Contents

    • Lead Story: Psst! Looking for a good deal on a secondhand wet bench?
    • Lefty: Star tech
    • Breakout: Diskcon USA '99ÑEmerging technologies, contamination, ESD share spotlight at ÔComdex of the storage world'
    • Expansions and Acquisitions: Brooks talks up Infab buy; FSI divests chemical unit; IBM, Photronics open center for advanced photomask technology
    • Semicon West: Tool vendors bask in good news as Semicon West continues Bay run
    • World Beat:
      Europe: SICO chooses Austrian Silicon Alps region for site of new plant; Scotland plans to start homegrown firm
      Asia: NEC, Hitachi plan to form a DRAM joint venture
    • 'Round the Circuit: Students compete to accelerate the adoption of copper interconnect technology; AlliedSignal, Tokyo Electron collaborate on tools for advanced low-k materials; NIST seeks to eliminate the need to approximate process gas properties; China publishes source books on electronics industry
    • What’s Going On: Semicon Taiwan 99, Diskcon USA, OEMBoston, and more
    • Order Desk: ASML sells i-line stepper to GaAS client; AMD buys CMP systems from Lam
    • Products: Defect-review SEM, CMP pressure analyzer, wafer inspection system, cryogenic valve, pressure switch, FPD-handling robots, defect detection system, controlled-pressure gloveboxes, oxygen transmitter, contact-angle meter, wafer-identification reader, defect inspection system, sputter shields, in-line coater, tungsten CMP slurry, integrated wafer prealigner, liquid-level transmitter
    • Product Extra!: Toolmaker initiates total service solutions program; wafer reclaimer establishes a real-time customer-reporting Web site; equipment supplier offers ceramic-free, high-density plasma polyetch chamber

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    July 1999 - Selected Contents

    • Lead Story: Service-savvy suppliers cater to cost-conscious chip customers
    • Lefty: Speed metal
    • Breakout: With NIST support, yield-enhancing software program is finally ready for the fab floor
    • 300mm Imperative: TSMC breaks 12-in. barrier...or is it Intel? Sematech likes GW test tools
    • On Display: Trixell, Planar, Varian Medical to acquire 80% of dpiX; Three-Five wins display order; NEC unveils five LCDs
    • World Beat:
      Europe: Berkeley opens Euro HQ; Industrial Microelectronics Center in Sweden buys PVD tool; Siemens installs RTP system; Fluoroware's shipper comes in
      Asia: SubMicron Systems opens Asian subsidiary; TEL adds thermal control; SELA installs first tool
    • Expansions and Acquisitions: Adept eyes BYE acquisition; Tosoh buys stake in SET; SEZ, EKC sign polymer removal technology partnership
    • What’s Going On: DataStorage 99, Semicon Taiwan, and more
    • 'Round the Circuit: Silicon Genesis develops high-purity hydrogen plasma technique; Semiconductor Supply Chain Association formed; SVG claims breakthrough with cell-based cluster platform; students win IDEMA grants
    • Order Desk: Lucent buys Sabre copper tool; TI upgrades with Asyst; AMD tests ultrapure wafers
    • Photo Gallery: Worker on the chain gang
    • Products: Resist removal tool, molecular pumps, 300-mm FOUP, parts-cleaning system, O-ring-free union, 200-mm track, defect characterization tools, visible reflectometer, spin processor, wafer stepper, scanning probe microscope, etching system, post-CMP cleaner, excimer laser, gas purifier, elastomeric seal, and more
    • Product Extra!: Advanced data management and analysis tool minimizes pump repair costs; manufacturer markets disposable purifier to minimize defects caused by metal ion contamination; on-line users group formed to explore uses for microcleaving systems; chemical group offers UHP acetic acid in Class 1 product line
    • Products in Action: Linear actuators provide automation control in wet-etch process station
    • Viewpoint: Beyond the wafer surface: Moving toward holistic, systemic process engineering

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    June 1999 - Selected Contents

    • Lead Story: Roadmap node debate has limited impact on defect reduction work
    • Lefty: Sold American?
    • Market Watch: Downturn drags down cleanroom sales
    • Semicon Europa 99 Report: Rejuvenated Semicon Europa finds happy home in Munich
    • 'Round the Circuit: JMAR trumpets picosecond x-ray source module; Semico Research helps manage inventories; SEMI publishes updated international standards; CRC Press publishes book on minimizing process variability; EOS/ESD symposium to present 53 technical papers
    • Breakout: Applied, Novellus claim their latest copper process tools are global hits
    • Sematech Watch: Texas consortium ends American era, opens doors to overseas partners
    • World Beat:
      Asia: Goodrich builds in Malaysia; ASML opens Asia HQ
      Europe: French technologists honored; Tegal turns key again; Philips tracks down Jenoptik
    • What’s Going On: Commercialization of Microsystems 99 Europe, Semicon Taiwan, Diskcon, and more
    • Expansions and Acquisitions: Air Liquide/Arch Chemicals and Merck/Praxair form global alliances; Asyst wants PST; Advanced Silicon Materials to double gas silane capacity in Montana; Dow Corning to develop low dielectric resins at new site
    • Semicon West: This special show section features a directory of exhibitors plus highlights of the technical program and a product spotlight on exhibitors
    • Products: Wafer-handling robot, dielectric etch system, CD-SEM, CVD process monitor, piping system, vacuum wand, yield management software, ICP-MS, wafer inspection system, benchtop plasma systems, 300-mm cluster tool, pneumatic diaphragm valves, pressure controller, cleanroom garments, profilometer, temperature control systems, wafer-temperature tool, bulk gas regulator
    • Product Extra!: Supplier introduces yield management software; gas monitor uses properties of quartz crystal microbalance; periodic verification kit performs lab tests; tool completes testing for copper interconnect plating; manufacturer offers CPVC piping; chipmaker to use universal system tools and data capture upgrades; photochemical dispensing unit incorporates safety upgrades and overfill protection; litho firm offers alignment system with large overlay window
    • Movin' On: Kobayashi catapulted to head of Mitsubishi semiconductor venture; Cadwell named new Strasbaugh CEO; Tegal's Parodi adds chairman title

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    May 1999 - Selected Contents

    • Lead Story: SEMATECH WATCH: Consortium to industry: take time to confront Y2K risks
    • Lefty: Having a ball
    • Photo Gallery: Fruitful research
    • Breakout: Rubber-stamp technique touted as flexible and low-cost photolithography alternative
    • 300-mm Imperative: SEMI president predicts 300-mm future; Samsung installs Mattson tool
    • World Beat:
      Asia: SCP sets up Singapore firm; NEC, China open fab; MKS opens Taiwan office; purifier goes to Taiwan; Consilium sells software licenses, services to Chi Mei; TEL integrates JGA software
      Europe: IMEC, Dow focus on low-k; Dyneon opens sales offices
    • 'Round the Circuit: Tech report highlights yields; UC Irvine laboratory nabs tool bargain; UMC group offers free services; ultraclean products approval program launched; SEMI backs R&D credit
    • Expansions and Acquisitions: "Turnkey" Trimega emerges; U.S. Filter set for merger with Vivendi; W-J sells most semi equipment assets to SVG
    • What’s Going On: ICOSN '99, Semicon Taiwan 99, and more
    • On Display: Display Works targets new audience
    • Products: Laser cutting tool, wafer inspection station, membrane filtration, pneumatic valves, vacuum oven, solenoid valves, dummy wafers, fogger, ceramic end effectors, vapor delivery system, tank cavitation meter, chemical filter, pressure-reducing regulator, aqueous residue remover, aerosol particle counter
    • Product Extra!: Equipment firm reduces k1 factor through optical lithography technique; free manual addressing cleanroom operations published; seal manufacturer extends operating temperature range of ISO flange vacuum fittings; transmitter series receives UL approval; supplier offers quiet fan filter unit module
    • Movin' On: Pall picks Tousi as corporate vp; American Vacuum Society makes Grunthaner president-elect; MKS promotes Samiotes; UMC wins Wan as vp of engineering

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    April 1999 - Selected Contents

    • Lead Story: University-backed project shoots for 'green' cleaning breakthrough
    • Lefty: Overbyte
    • Breakout: Chartered signs copper pact with Lucent and teams with Motorola, H-P in CMOS venture
    • 300-mm Imperative: Genus ships cluster tool; Eaton touts asher milestone
    • Order Desk: Chipmakers order Lam etch tools; Hyundai chooses ASML scanners; FSI sells slurry-blending systems; AlliedSignal gets resist removal tool; AMD buys Varian implanter; university plans to develop MEMS devices
    • Expansions and Acquisitions: Eaton, Avant! partner on software; Isonics, Voltaix promise implant advance; Evergreen grows in Oregon; Norton signs agreement to purchase Nalge; AutoSimulations and i2 team up to integrate their product offerings; Lucid Treatment Systems opens new facility; SAES Getters buys FST; Air Products will double capacity of tungsten hexafluoride
    • What’s Going On: IEST, CleanTech '99, and more
    • 'Round the Circuit: NIST offers Y2K help; IDEMA sponsors classes; NSF backs maglev research for process tools; International Sematech uses total-molecular-base monitor for resist R&D; new course describes how technological advances make it to marketplace; Dekker publishes new VLSI IC book
    • World Beat:
      Asia: Air Products acquires interest in Hanyang; Empak buys Korean vendor; China okays IDC's business license
      Europe: IMEC succeeds with dielectric resin; Syncro Vac opens offices
    • Products: Wafer carrier, CD-SEM, vacuum robot, hazardous gas monitor, conveyor system, slurry-dispensing valve, heated valve, disk media cleaner, mass-production laser, skin lotion, cleanroom robots, pump air distributor, high-purity connectors, and more
    • Product Extra!: Small-footprint, integrated acoustic/ vibration isolation system introduced; process management software marketed for family of CVD systems; subatmospheric gas delivery systems enable rapid integration of HDP-CVD phosphosilicate glass film; floor machine vacuum passes particle profile test; simulation software improves precision of subwave-length litho design
    • Movin' On: Cappeline heads AlliedSignal Specialty Chemicals; Enthone-OMI appoints van Dun; CVC chooses Chicotka; SIA snags Matisoo; Maris retires from ASM Lithography

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    March 1999 - Selected Contents

    • Lead Story: Reliability, defect concerns slow rush to rapid copper integration
    • Lefty: So predictable
    • Photo Gallery: Chemical dependency
    • 'Round the Circuit: Rally helps '98 chip sales; Lam, National Semi team to develop etch processes; Web site offer standards info
    • Breakout: Deep-submicron R&D program hopes to open doors to advances for Europe's chipmakers
    • Breakout: Chipmakers, tool suppliers focus their efforts on photolithography advances
    • World Beat:
      Europe: Semitool, IMEC team targets cleaning; Boin ships Wafermap software to KLA-Tencor; Trikon PVD tool to grace Siemens's GaAS fab; Micronas honors Varian; AMD selects Applied gear for Dresden facility
      Asia: Lucid Treatment signs sales rep; Cabot opens slurry plant in Japan
    • Expansions and Acquisitions: FSI buys YieldUP, expands line; J. A. Jones, Lockwood Greene join forces; Steag acquires AG
    • What’s Going On: MRS, SVC, IEST, and more
    • Building Copperopolis: Using TOF-SIMS to inspect copper-patterned wafers for metal contamination.
    • Analysis and Metrology— Yield Management: Data analysis is the third pillar of statistical QC in addition to control charts and design of experiments; it reveals the link between process and test variables.
    • Green and Clean: Installed to meet local requirements for effluent discharge, a UF system handles oxide and metal CMP wastewater and produces water suitable for recycling.
    • Surface Chemistries: Optimizing filtration for solvent photoresist removal processes
    • Products: Surface profiler, instrumented wafers, mask metrology system, manifold, ionizing air gun, mass-flow meters, low-k polymers, CMP process controller, yield analysis software, gloves, noncontact measurement station, and microcleaving system
    • Product Extra!: Tool company reaches second level in software capability model; ion implantation gases marketed as safe delivery source products; on-line vacuum store provides extensive data; vacuum parts, supplies can be ordered on-line; CE marked version of digital display vacuum gauge offered; toll-free number provides direct access to sales department
    • Semicon Europa: The show section features a list of exhibitors, selected conference programs, and things to do in Munich.

    February 1999 - Selected Contents

    • Lead Story: Facility update: Applied gets modular with new process integration concept
    • Lefty: Martian soundtrack
    • Breakout: SPIE Microlithography 99: Technical meeting to shed more light on postoptical lithographic technologies
    • World Beat: Europe: Scots plan for upturn; JEMI UK reorganizes; IDS signs deal with Macrotron
      Asia: Litho software pacts approved; Cabot opens Korea office; Texwipe opens Philippines facility
    • Photo Gallery: The Tech plugs in
    • Expansions and Acquisitions: PRI wants to keep Promis; Olin launches Arch Chemicals; FEI, Micrion to merge; Ashland allies with Semco; U.S. Filter buys JB Rodgers; Semifab gets vertical; Keithley sells Quantox line to KLA-Tencor
    • Photo Gallery: Reclamation project
    • 300-mm Imperative: ESI’s memory repair system goes to Motorola/Siemens fab; Consilium to install MES software in Dresden; Empak to expand line of wafer-handling products
    • 'Round the Circuit: Sematech, Rockwell, Applied partner on copper project; DARPA awards advanced materials contract to ADCS; Irish cleanroom show set; SVG gets ISO for EHS
    • Order Desk: TI buys FSI copper CMP tools; Moto bonds with Electronic Visions tool; Candescent buys Asyst SMIF tools; Camstar has Kodak moment; Steag RTP tools go to Samsung fabs; CH2M-Hill adopts AFT software; Atomika sells profilers; Vitesse says "encore" to GaSonics; Whistler displays LCD interest
    • What’s Going On: Semicon Korea 99, SPWCC, and more
    • Products: Process tool monitor, step-and-scan system, reticle inspection system, plasma etch tool, oxygen analyzers, refrigerated recirculators, pulsing power supply, pH measurement system, digital gas chromatograph, precision instrument cases, flowmeter, bellows actuator, tubing, defect analysis tool, steam vapor cleaner, pressure transducers, conductive plastic resins, wafer processing system, 300-mm dummy wafers
    • Product Extra!: Industry information management software set for Y2K; bidirectional interface software enables calibration, data logging; SDS mass-flow controllers ensure storage of ion-implant dopant gases; particle test chamber evaluates cleanroom garments; larger chemical valves available in wafer, lug bodies; analysis report published on copper interconnect microprocessor; closed-loop control option introduced for dielectric CMP processes; portable tank services provide customized packaging; kit improves yields through control of process parameters, gas delivery repeatability; EPT target receives Level III certification in enhanced performance aluminum target program
    • Pick of the Literature: Guides, catalogs, brochures, and more
    • Movin' On: Faubert elected president, CEO of SpeedFam; Ryde rides to TSMC-USA presidency; Jenoptik Infab appoints Mayr president, CEO; Rex crowned new Talon COO; Fluoroware taps Campbell

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    January 1999 - Selected Contents

    • Lead Story: Special report: Texas Instruments' Kilby Center links R&D to production floor
    • Lefty: Headcase reduction
    • Breakout: SpeedFam, IPEC to snare nearly half of hot CMP tool market with merger
    • On Display: Display Works 99: Tech meeting to tackle cost and substrate issues
    • World Beat: Asia: Philips Semiconductors, TSMC to build Singapore fab; GaSonics, UMC developing interconnect technology; JME opens target plant in Taiwan; Cymer expands Japanese laser operations
      Europe: IMEC installs Steag single-tank process tool
    • 300-mm Imperative: Fluoroware to use Asyst gas-purge system; Sematech taps Philips Analytical measurement tool for copper program
    • What’s Going On: SemiPAC, ISS Japan 99, and more
    • Order Desk: Linear buys two Varian ion implanters; Winbond likes memory improvement tool; France Telecom unit installs cleaving system; FSI sells litho clusters to Philips Research
    • Photo Gallery: It’s a gas...process
    • Expansions and Acquisitions: Applied opens process integration center; AlliedSignal buys CleanLink, plans low-k facility; KLA-Tencor integrates NTI defect software; Cabot adds slurry capacity
    • 'Round the Circuit: Sematech, Applied look for sub-100-nm defects; NIST picks BOC for gas standards; SEMI updates benchmarks; vendors evaluating EUVL; book addresses R&D decline
    • Building Copperopolis: To maintain current planarization levels when copper systems come on-line, slurry and cleaning chemistries may need to be modified.
    • Analysis and Metrology: Partial-pressure analyzers can not only be used to identify and monitor residual gases during a contamination event; they also are effective tools for full-time process monitoring.
    • Ultrapure Materials-Fluids: A well-designed recycling system that ensures removal of a variety of contaminants from wet-process rinsewater can reduce sourcewater requirements and wastewater discharge.
    • Products: Spin coating valve, XRF wafer analyzer, defect detection system, pressure regulator, TOC-certified products, copper plating process, lubricating oil, UHV shield coating, chillers, gas cylinder cleaner, moisture analyzer, inert gas purifiers, multigas monitor
    • Product Extra!: Dual-damascene applications developed for advanced dielectric etch tool; upgraded software program streamlines parts order and delivery; networking option connects more than 200 implanters; laboratory microfiltration products made available on the Internet; software gives engineers and managers access to real-time data from automation system; new grade of nitric acid meets sub-parts-per-billion specs; program promises delivery of fluid-handling products within 24 hours; enhanced inspection and review software helps operators locate and classify defects

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