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Greatest Hits of 2005

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November/December 2002
Selected Contents



  • Lead Story: Size of wafers isn't only thing that will get bigger, TI expert says
  • Lefty: Chip shops chop-chop?
  • Breakout: 'Simple' fluid-delivery invention prevents loss of precious process time, vendor claims
  • World Beat:
    Asia: China growth poses problems; TEL, Ebara, Dainippon Screen form E-beam trio; Selete endorses Oasis data stream format
    Europe: Soitec improves SOI capability
  • Chip Capacity Outlook: Crystal Ballroom Fabs
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: Ionics buys Microbar wastewater business; ATMI, Matheson market three new gases; Edlon purchases Mattson plant; Daifuku North America now SK Daifuku; Millikin to build first-of-a-kind cleanroom supplies facility; Tegal acquires Sputtered Films; Physical Electronics, Evans Analytical complete merger; Cleanpak purhcases Servicor
  • 300-mm Imperative: IMEC to set up foundry; Intel touts new fab's environmental friendliness; TI picks Hitachi etch system
  • What's Going On: Semicon Korea, Photonics West, and more
  • The MEMS Zone: Sarnoff Technology to make Sarcon Microsystems infrared sensor array
  • 'Round the Circuit: 157-nm future is now; NIST backs solar wafers; IEEE solicits 2003 IITC papers; Richard Spanier receives SEMI Lifetime Achievement Award; IEST publishes minienvironment recommended practice


This year's Product All-Stars have been chosen. The selections, reflecting offerings in the IC and microelectronics manufacturing supply chain, include control valves, dispense units, sensors, wafer handling software, quartz heaters, regulators, steppers, wet cleaning systems, x-ray diffraction units, slurries, and antireflective coatings.


October 2002
Selected Contents

  • Lead Story: Secondhand tools have capacity to aid Asian, small chipmakers
  • Lefty: Double-cluck
  • Breakout: AMD, UMC to codevelop advanced process control technology for 300-mm chipmaking
  • Breakout: Using molecular switches, HP claims nanotechnology advance with 64-bit memory IC
  • Photo Gallery: No holes barred?
  • 'Round the Circuit: 30% IC growth predicted; Nanometrics
    to introduce first in-vacuum stage for integrated metrology; Semiconductor Services updates instructional booklets; First International Surface Cleaning Workshop to debut; Information Network predicts ALD market growth
  • 300-mm Imperative: AMD, Infineon, UMC to develop logic manufacturing platforms; Sematech unveils guidelines; Trecenti teams with Supply Logic to expand reach of foundry's single-wafer technology; TEL debuts plasma tool
  • World Beat:
    Asia: Praxair opens Taiwan silane site; Chartered, IMEC offer SiGe; Veeco opens Beijing center
    Europe: SEMI funds flood relief
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: Semitool, Ashland Specialty Chemical
    to develop postetch cleaning for copper, low-k processes; Rudolph eyes ISOA; DuPont wants ChemFirst
  • What's Going On: Cleanrooms West; Semicon Japan
  • Viewpoint: Adopting e-manufacturing in the semiconductor industry


  • Products: Automated defect inspection, thick-film quartz heaters, cordless vacuum wand, manual transfer unit, ultrapure thermoplastic piping, deposition technology, bulk special gas system, nitrile cleanroom glove, spin coater, process mass spectrometers, miniature digital servo drive, fusion welder, wafer-position detector, valve with position indicator, thin-film metrology tool, CVD precursors
  • Product Extra! Toolmaker provides Web site with technical info and documentation; vendor modifies 300-mm FOUP; supplier receives patent for beam current sensor technology; manufacturer's catalog features products and related information; supplier offers Web site in several languages


  • Show section: This special show section features a directory of exhibitors plus a program list


September 2002
Selected Contents

  • Lead Story: International Sematech, SUNY-Albany ally with focus on EUV lithography
  • Lefty: Nuts about bolts
  • Breakout: Despite slump, Intel readies 'most-advanced' 90-nm process
  • Breakout: Novellus looks to enter CMP market with purchase of SpeedFam-IPEC
  • World Beat:
    Asia: Micronas gets UMC microchips; 1st Silicon joins RosettaNet consortium; Nagai becomes president of Inficon Japan
    Europe: EU launches SiGe CVD project; Okmetic cranks up SOI production; Tronic signs MEMS pact with LETI
  • Photo Gallery: The big payback
  • New Materials Roundup: TEL touts low-k success
  • 300-mm Imperative: IBM opens advanced fab; SEZ receives spin-processor order; Selete buys Axcelis tool; TSMC approves Fab 12 funding; New Vision sells APC software
  • 'Round the Circuit: Mapper Technology develops NGL system; cleanroom upsurge seen; Corning touts highest-res lens; NIST, Sematech book goes on-line; SEMI elevates Hadfield
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: Nikon debuts inspection group; Axcelis to purchase Tritek; Philips to sell Spectris; Veeco, FEI to merge; Verteq creates separate batch, single cleaning units; Rigaku forms IC division; ASM, Accurel open SIMS lab; Johnson Matthey gas-purification group moves
  • What's Going On: VMIC, Semicon Southwest, and more


  • Products: 300-mm CMP/plating system, immersion cleaning system, copper annealing systems, chemical analyzer, automated immersion cleaning, defect review system, analysis/imaging workstation, digital mass-flow controller, gas-purification technology, linear slides and stages, overlay measurement system, elemental analyzers, thermometry instrument, filter housings, litho tool characterization, surface-preparation tools, catalytic steam-generation unit, atomic force microscope, film-thickness measurement, phase-shift mask monitoring, bottom antireflective coating
  • Product Extra! Vendor offers wafer bow and stress-measurement option for thin-film analysis system; suppliers unit connects wafer ID system to SMIF loader; toolmaker introduces H2O-vapor-assisted plasma technology; vendor catalog highlights cleanroom aluminum framing

July/August 2002
Selected Contents

  • Lead Story: Experts work to get 300-mm skill standards on right track
  • Lefty: Thin film at 11
  • Breakout: Discussions with customers convince Applied Materials to enter single-wafer wet clean market
  • World Beat:
    Asia: Silterra Malaysia to buy tools; Asyst to purchase controlling interest in Asyst Shinko; ASM to establish
    Taiwan warehouse; Edlon opens plant in China; MEMT, Suntek acquire KDF tools; Advanced Energy starts Hsinchu facility; Tegal sells plasma etch tool to Taiwan MEMS manufacturer
    Europe: Intel, Barcelona university to collaborate; Infineon, AMD to team with DuPont Photomasks; IMEC, SEZ form green team
  • Photo Gallery: Library research
  • New Materials Roundup: DARPA contracts JMAR to make masks
  • 300-mm Imperative: 300-mm sales soften slump
  • 'Round the Circuit: IBM sells disk-drive business to Hitachi; NIST backs high-risk R&D; Sematech offers test wafers for spin-on low-k dielectric; Carl Zeiss, Lawrence Livermore extreme-UV prototype passes test; industry vets found Mission Critical
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: HPL Technologies to develop yield-analysis software; Mykrolis gets new headquarters
  • What's Going On: Diskcon, BACUS, and more


  • Products: Wafer surface analyzer, high-vacuum pump, ultraprecision load cell, horizontal furnace, metrology tool, liquid nitrogen generator, bottom antireflective coatings, mag pumps, feed verification sensor, colloidal silica slurry, high-vacuum feedthrough actuator, dielectric fluid, 248-nm excimer laser
  • Product Extra! Supplier publishes electric heater brochure; provider upgrades 300-mm yield software; vendor tool gets ESD certification; toolmaker enhances atomic-force profilers; supplier phases out PFAS; manufacturer integrates 300-mm connectivity software; provider offers new 300-mm FOUP door; vendor improves laser stability; supplier provides 65- and 100-nm standards

June 2002
Selected Contents

  • Lead Story: ALD technology is in the process of taking off ASAP
  • Lefty: Live at Newport
  • Breakout: Sematech steps up postoptical litho research with pending installation of extreme-UV tool
  • World Beat:
    Europe: Intel greenlights Irish fab; Germany to fund Jenoptik, Lambda Physik EUV project; University of Manchester buys maskless tool; German wet bench firm launched; Entegris, Philips sign supply contract; Air Products opens Dutch center
    Asia: SMIC buys Electroglas probers; South Korean chipmaker orders SpeedFam tool
  • Photo Gallery: Crystal clearer
  • 300-mm Imperative: Infineon, Nanya sign memory pact; SEZ opens U.S. lab; Axcelis sells fusion tools; UMCi installs fab roof
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: Novellus opens copper campus; Rudolph launches metrology business; Encompass buys TTI Silicon; Catalyst expands; PPT Vision, Electroglas form pact; BOC Edwards buys Semco; Brooks Automation, SAS ally; Schott purchases DuPont photoblank unit
  • 'Round the Circuit: Met-Tech pushes gallium arsenide wafer recycling; Information Network sees gains in GaAs market; ASMC seeks 2003 technical papers
  • What's Going On: AEC/APC, Semicon Taiwan, and more



  • Brave New Materials: Evaluating the impact of an acetylenic diol­type surfactant on DUV lithography
  • Wet Surface Technology: Implementing a fully integrated IPA drying process in the fab environment
  • Defect Analysis: Using VPD and magnetic sector ICP-MS to characterize contaminants
  • Behind The Mask: Streamlining the front-end reticle fabrication process by improving mask ordering


  • Products: Nanotechnology stepper, bung plug, metrology system, 300-mm single-wafer handling, low-k CVD units, on-site gas sources, wafer transfer system, liquid-level switches, digital control monitor, motion and machine controller, moisture standards, x-ray diffraction tools, liquid-flow sensors, pneumatic diaphragm pump, substrate-bonding machine, wafer-handling software
  • Product Extra! Vendor offers fluorine generator qualification system; supplier publishes polyimide, thermoplastics catalog; vendor opens Web site on copper electrodeposition and chemical monitoring; company provides magnetron sputtering CD-ROM; manufacturer offers switches and sensors catalog


  • Products in Action: New coupling design helps eliminate spillage, contamination in UHP chemical lines


  • Exhibitors List: The show section features a list of San Francisco exhibitors and conference programs

May 2002
Selected Contents

  • Lead Story: Researchers straining to develop silicon alternative to shrinks
  • Lefty: I see
  • Breakout: EUV lithography moves from lab to fab as Intel orders first beta tool from ASML
  • Photo Gallery: Applied get modular
  • 300-mm Imperative: Motorola, STMicro, Philips form CMOS alliance; Sematech pushes certification standards
  • World Beat:
    Asia: Axcelis partners with Fudan University; SMIC picks Ion Systems ESD control gear; Boxer Cross extends relationship with Hermes-Epitek; Ashland streamlines Asian operations; Verteq sells copper cleaner to Asian R&D facility
    Europe: French university gets Tegal etch tool
  • What's Going On: Semiconductor 2002, Semicon West, and more
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: Brooks opens SoCal plant; Ion Systems buys Cornerstone; Hodess finishes expansion of Fairchild plant; Advanced Energy acquires Dressler HF Technik; Air Products/Kinetics Group team to install chemical developer at ASML lab; DPI buys BindKey Technologies; HPL purchases Defect and Yield Management; Shipley developing photoresist center
  • New Materials Roundup: DA NanoMaterials introduces slurry with low metals, sodium levels; Tegal touts advance in GaAs backside via etch
  • 'Round the Circuit: Ashland raises chemical prices; downturn scrambles rankings; TEX lassoes TEL R&D job; report sees little market growth for thin-film deposition gear; Intel builds smallest SRAM



  • Products: MEMS stepper; CD-SEM calibration standard; ion implanters; filter housings; lithography optics materials; lithography APC package; point-of-use emissions system; controlled-resistivity ceramics; gas saver; mag-drive pumps; fluorine chemical sensor; vessels, linings, coatings; in-line digital display; low-pressure monitor; sticky mat
  • Product Extra! Metrology toolmaker introduces ultraflat profiling technology for atomic force profilers; supplier provides electrical connector for sensor series; manufacturer offers O-ring catalog; vendor publishes resource guide on vibration isolation system; instrument maker upgrades on-line store to allow real-time order tracking

April 2002
Selected Contents

  • Lead Story: Green center aims to help chipmakers clean up their act
  • Lefty: The sands of time
  • Breakout: Study results prompt SIA to examine whether fab chemicals imperil workers' health
  • Photo Gallery: Small harvest, big future
  • 300-mm Imperative: Trikon sells tool to Taiwanese foundry; Japanese consortium orders SFam-IPEC polisher
  • World Beat:
    Europe: ON Semiconductor to build Slovakian fab
    Middle East:
    Tower produces 0.18-µm chips
    SAES opens Shanghai plant; DuPont Photomasks to install production line in China; Rhetech appoints Seki Technotron as China sales rep; Philips opens new plants in Shanghai
  • What's Going On: Semicon Singapore, Intl. Interconnect Technology Conference, and more
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: HPL Technologies to acquire TestChip Technologies; MKS purchases Emerson's ENI division; BOC Edwards to buy Hydromatix, form liquid abatement business; Advanced Energy acquires Aera; Rockwood buys American Silicon Products
  • 'Round the Circuit: Philips, STMicro, TSMC form 90-nm team; Information Network sees '02 tool growth; SMIC produces wafers with 180-nm chips; drought imperils Taiwan fabs
  • New Materials Roundup: Motorola transfers 0.35-µm process to Atmel; Dow Corning debuts thin-film program; SiLKnet Alliance to test SEZ tools




  • Products: Spin coater, 316L components, conveyor system, industrial lasers, solenoid valve, PTFE tubing, OEM breadboards, sensor bus controller, modular cleanrooms, polyimide dispense unit, connectivity systems
  • Product Extra! Vendor releases upgraded version of yield-enhancement software; supplier offers technical note on sensor integration, analysis system; partners offer on-line ESH training; manufacturer provides info on fluid-dispensing systems in several languages; components maker publishes vacuum catalog

March 2002
Selected Contents


  • Lead Story: Service plans promise big cost savings for strapped chipmakers
  • Lefty: An explosive discovery
  • Breakout: Let's do the numbers
  • Obituary: Walter H. Mathews
  • Breakout: ASMC 2002: Bottom-line concerns are reflected in technical conference submissions
  • Breakout: Following intensive R&D effort, MEMC begins mass production of first 'defect-free' wafer
  • World Beat:
    Europe: IMEC extends litho program; ASML assures supply of 193-nm imaging systems
    Asia: Electroglas plans move to Singapore; Sumitomo Metal Industries, Mitsubishi Materials merge silicon wafer operations; Samsung readies SOC ICs; Dongbu Electronics to qualify 130-nm CMOS process
  • 300-mm Imperative: AMD, UMC to build fab in Singapore
  • What's Going On: AEC/APC conference, IEEE/SEMI ASMC conference, and more
  • 'Round the Circuit: Top toolmakers' revenues tumble; ASTM changes name; Novellus reorganizes executive staff; litho book published



  • Products: Plasma etch tool, wafer backside inspection, DUV CaF2 lenses, gas regulator, deep-UV laser source, temperature measurement, vacuum inlet/exhaust trap, surface-inspection camera, GaAs wafer reclaim, reliability software, vibration-isolation platform, vortex flowmeters, process management software, boron analyzer
  • Product Extra! Manufacturer improves OEM interface capability of FOSB; supplier publishes brochures on gas-flow control products; companies establish product demo lab for turbomolecular pumps; vendor publishes brochure on high-purity fluid-containment products


  • Show section : This show section features a list of exhibitors and conference programs.

February 2002
Selected Contents


  • Lead Story: SPIE Microlithography: Contamination, metrology, 157-nm topics share focus at yearly meeting
  • Lefty: Sub mission
  • Breakout: Analysts foresee rough times ahead for chip equipment, materials suppliers
  • World Beat:
    Asia: Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Oki Electric, Matsushita to form company to produce next-generation chips; SMIC buys Applied ion implant system; Luxtron opens service center in Japan
    Europe: SensArray hires Veonis Technologies to sell tools in Europe
    Israel: Avant! and Tower to develop library products for 180-nm process
  • What's Going On: SPWCC, Semicon China, and more
  • 300-mm Imperative: MEMC readies production; Sematech to use Applied CMP tool; IC manufacturer to incorporate Mykrolis MFC in 300-mm tool set; SEZ bags Taiwanese customer
  • Photo Gallery: School's open
  • 'Round the Circuit: Johns Hopkins researchers create fast IC that uses light beams; McIlvaine foresees stingy cleanroom market; IEST revises cleanliness RPs
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: Gems grabs Setra Systems; Ashland unit buys SEZ, Hitachi tools; Process Tech acquires Lufran; Alpine Research Optics to build new campus; IMT enlarges fab; Philips opens metrology site
  • New Materials Roundup: Dow Chemical hosts low-k summit; Exsil reclaims GaAs wafers
  • SPIE Microlithography 2002: Exhibitor list
  • On Display: FSI gets USDC cleaning system contract


  • Brave New Materials: Using a cryogenic aerosol process to clean copper, low-k materials without damage
  • Behind the Mask: Implementing simulation-based mask-qualification technology
  • ITRS Update: Examining upcoming yield enhancement challenges in the 2001 roadmap


  • Products: Mask pattern generation tool, optical displacement sensor, mass-flow gas meters, sample preparation system, fan/filter unit, metrology tool, ArF excimer laser, ultrasonic level sensors, electrostatic voltmeter, piezoelectric motors, cleanroom gowning racks, air showers and tunnels, fluid-handling components, O-ring-less seal adapter, etch residue remover, pattern generation tool, wafer transfer/loadlock system, tool-conditioning oven, TEM sample preparation system, 300-mm transport system, wall-mount gas purifiers, ionized PVD retrofit kit
  • Product Extra! Vendors offer hardware and software tool for capturing and archiving process data; companies add e-diagnostics capability to data analysis software; components maker opens Web site on PVA brush rollers; supplier publishes handbook on sealing materials; vendor offers CD-ROM on pressure, temperature instruments; manufacturer of fluid-dispensing tools institutes e-mail shipment notification system; supplier provides brochure on electric heaters, temperature sensors; vendor offers flowmeter Web site; supplier launches Web site in Japanese

January 2002
Selected Contents

  • Lead Story: Inspection tool providers go deep with launches, acquisitions
  • Lefty:Aw, nuts
  • World Beat:
    Asia: 3i, EDB Investment, management group buy MBE Technology; Applied opens distribution center in Taiwan; Chinese research institution purchases Ibis oxygen implanter; Tegal signs memory deals with Japanese companies; Luxtron extends technical support; SCP sells wet benches to SMI
  • What's Going On: Semicon Korea, SPIE Microlithography, and more
  • 300-mm Imperative: Silicon Genesis produces ultrathin SOI wafers; TSMC optimizes automated material handling with Asyst; Electroglas prober passes tests; Japanese toolmaker integrates PRI automation controllers in metrology systems
  • Photo Gallery: Air guitar
  • 'Round the Circuit: SEMI, NIST to help firms exchange info, guard secrets;, netMercury open on-line exchange for surplus gear; Selete to build deep-submicron labs; failure supplement published
  • Expansions and Acquisitions: Advanced Energy wants Aera; Intel unveils Arizona fab; Photo Sciences purchases Xytex
  • New Materials Roundup: NIST opens materials center


  • Taking Control Using global process control in semiconductor fabs to achieve APC. A global process control methodology that can identify faults based on statistical and probabilistic criteria is a tool for achieving automatic fault correction.
  • Defect Metrology Improving the results of post-CMP wafer-scale thickness measurements. A comparative study reveals that a proposed site selection strategy based on radial mapping captures CMP-created thickness variations more accurately than traditional patterns.
  • Critical Materials—Chemicals Implementing enhanced ICP-MS technology to attain SEMI Grade 5 purity levels. Data generated at a chemical supplier’s facility illustrate that trace elements in hydrogen peroxide can be detected at the proposed 10-ppt level using a new approach to ICP mass spectrometry.
  • Wet Surface Technology Characterizing CMP pad conditioning using diamond abrasives. A case study investigates how conditioning CMP pads with different diamond abrasives affects film removal rates, wafer-to-wafer nonuniformity, wafer defects, and pad lifetime.


  • Products: Photoresist packaging, proportioning control valves, defect review and inspection tool, yield management software, 300-mm wafer-handling system, e-beam gun, sputter ion pumps, capacitance diaphragm gauges, 300-mm laser processing
  • Product Extra! Vendor opens new, improved Web site for semiconductor standards; toolmaker offers enhancement that improves resolution on chrome masks and emulsion; supplier manufactures accessory that transforms conventional light microscope into integral infrared microprobe; energy firm provides Web site in Japanese

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