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Particle Sizing Systems

5320 Little Rd., No. 297
New Port Richey, FL 34655
Tel: 727/846-0866
Fax: 727/846-0865


PSS introduces the AccuSizer FX PAT. Pending a single particle sizing technology that requires little or no dilution on most types of materials. The FX monitor quickly identifies and quantifies small levels of aggregates a few standard deviations away from the mean. In process applications these particles spell the difference between success and failure.

PSS also produces particle analyzers (0.003 – 5000 m) for wet and dry applications. This includes the Nicomp DLS Submicron Sizer and the AccuSizer Single Particle Optical Sizer (SPOS). These products offer unprecedented resolution, accuracy and sensitivity with modular accessories including Online sampling, Batch autosampling, Zeta potential, Syringe sampling and Pressurized Liquid Samplers. Measure colloidal stability and particle size with no dilution using the NEW AccuSizer FX and the LUMiSizer 616. Particle size and Zeta potential in the size range of 3 nm to 5000 microns.

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