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Poly Hi Solidur

2710 American Way
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Tel: 260/479-4100
Fax: 260/478-1074


Poly Hi Solidur, Inc., offers a broad range of chemical- and corrosion-resistant polymers ideal for use in wet process workstations, chemical storage tanks, and chip and wafer processing equipment cabinetry. Highlighting the product line is bright white FM 4910 Corzan® G2 PVC-C Sheet, the next generation in fire-safe materials for the semiconductor industry. Designed to meet the demands of today's cleanroom wet processing equipment, Corzan® G2 PVC-C Sheet is a unique combination of mechanical strength; excellent resistance to semiconductor chemicals including acids and bases, salts and aliphatic hydrocarbons; ease of fabrication; and weldability. It is available in 48"x96" sheets in gauge sizes from 1/8" to 1".

Poly Hi Solidur also offers Proteus® Premium Gloss, a polypropylene product already well-recognized in the semiconductor industry. Proteus® Premium Gloss is a stress-relieved material that exhibits high impact strength and is available in bright white (meets FDA requirements for food contact) or high gloss black.

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