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3500 Lyman Blvd.
Chaska, MN 55318
Tel: 952/556-3131
Fax: 952/556-1880


As the leading materials integrity management company, Entegris products and services protect and transport critical materials enabling semiconductor manufacturing. From FOSBs, FOUPs, transport carriers, and horizontal wafer shippers to carrier tape/reel, chip and matrix trays, Entegris products protect silicon during delivery from manufacturer, through the fab, to the end user. Through containers, valves, fittings and measurement/sensing controls, critical fluids used to convert silicon to chips are protected and safely transported from chemical manufacturer to point of use.

Entegris offers its customers the ability to efficiently outsource the management of their entire wafer, device and disk programs through its Silicon Delivery™ and Disk™ Delivery Systems and Services programs. These include cleaning, reuse or replacement and recycling.

Entegris is a global company with a solid infrastructure. Worldwide manufacturing facilities and over 130 sales and service offices on six continents allow Entegris to exercise an extensive supplier network, deliver products and services globally and participate actively with local customers.

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