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Carl Zeiss SMT

One Zeiss Dr.
Thornwood, NY 10594
Tel: 800/356-1090
Fax: 914/681-7443


Carl Zeiss SMT's Nano Technology Systems Division offers a complete range of leading-edge ultra-high-resolution Gemini FESEMs, multipurpose and extended pressure SEMs, energy filtering TEMs, and CrossBeam FIB systems. The Ultra, based on the Supra Gemini FESEM, comprises two high-efficiency, high-resolution in-column detectors, which provide ultra-high-resolution simultaneous SE and BSE imaging. In addition, the CrossBeam FIB workstations with the Gemini FESEM column enable precise and fast 3-D analysis and TEM sample preparation. The Libra EFTEM offers an in-column Omega filter concept combined with Koehler illumination, for high flexibility in imaging and analysis.

CrossBeam® Focused Ion Beam Workstation
The CrossBeam® EsB FIB workstation delivers both ultra high resolution topography and compositional imaging at very low kV combined with advanced 3-D analysis. Fast and precise cross sectioning enables true feature analysis, simultaneous compositional imaging and reliable metrology. The ultra high resolution live imaging mode makes TEM preparation easy and extremely accurate. The leading-edge GEMINI® FESEM technology, incorporating new dual In-column SE and BSE detection systems, delivers the unrivalled imaging capabilities of this new CrossBeam® EsB tool.

Ultra High Resolution FESEM
The ULTRA CDS FESEM from Carl Zeiss SMT delivers simultaneous ultra high resolution compositional BSE and topographic SE imaging. ULTRA, utilizing renowned GEMINI® FESEM technology, comprises a fully integrated Energy and angle selective Backscattered electron (EsB) detector. The EsB detector features an integrated filtering grid to enhance image quality and doesn't require adjustment. In addition, it is less sensitive to edge contrast and charging effects which enables precise imaging and measurements of boundaries, particles, and features.

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