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MKS Instruments

90 Industrial Way
Wilmington, MA 01887-4610
Tel: 978/284-4000
Fax: 978/284-4999


MKS Instruments, Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of process control solutions for advanced manufacturing processes such as semiconductor device manufacturing and thin-film manufacturing for flat panel displays, optical storage media and electro-optical products. Our instruments, components and subsystems incorporate sophisticated technologies to power, measure, control and monitor increasingly complex gas-related semiconductor manufacturing processes, thereby enhancing our customers’ uptime, yield and throughput, and improving their productivity and return on invested capital.

MKS has extensive process expertise in the areas of materials flow, chemical composition, pressure and vacuum technology, power delivery, reactive gas generation and information management. By building this expertise into every MKS product and by combining products and technologies into integrated subsystems, MKS is able to provide best-in-class solutions that improve productivity and solve process challenges for its OEM and end-user customers. Our broad product portfolio includes: capacitance manometers and pressure transducers; pressure control valves; vacuum gauges; vacuum components and valves; mass flow controllers; gas analysis instruments; portable helium leak detectors; RF/DC/microwave power generators; reactive gas generators; digital I/O modules and serial gateways; and pressure and gas flow portable calibration systems.

In addition, MKS is anchored by organizational strength and renowned lean manufacturing, and offers complete localized technical support to customers around the world.

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