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3019 Alvin Devane Blvd., Ste. 300
Austin, TX 78741
Tel: 512/385-4552, 888/217-7180
Fax: 512/385-4900


Nano-Master offers NSC-3000 and 4000 sputter coaters; NPE-3000 and 4000 PECVD systems; NRE-3000 and 4000 reactive ion etchers; NTE-3000 thermal evaporators; SWC-3000 megasonic single-wafer and mask cleaners; SWC-4000 pellicleized reticle cleaners; Surpass PCTFE quick disconnects; fluoropolymers; pressure sensors; PFA flow meters; a pneumatically or manually operated flow controller; Anelva cryopumps; vacuum gauges; helium leak detectors; RGAs; the Plasma Consult hollow cathode; microwave and inductively coupled plasma sources; Langmuir probes; and Shen Chang pulse dc power supplies.

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