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19111 Industrial Blvd.
Elk River, MN 55330
Tel: 800/447-9650
Fax: 763/241-3209


Micro 12 Series Pressure Reducing Regulator, 1/4" point of use, maximum 150 PSIG in/30 PSIG out, single stage

The 12 series Ultra-High Purity Regulator is designed exclusively for the demands of the new 300 mm process tools. The innovative design offers unsurpassed droop and repeatability in an extremely small package.Micro, 1/4" Point of e

  • Product of choice for state-of-the-art OEM gas systems
  • Ultra-sensitive pressure control enhances MFC performance
  • Superior performance in a wide range of applications
  • Flows from 2 sccm to 50 SLPM
  • Unsurpassed droop and repeatability in a micro component
  • Metal to metal seal at diaphragm/body interface
  • 10 Ra or 5 Ra microinch finishes on all wetted surfaces

23 Series Free poppet or Tied diaphragm - Ultra-High Purity and Flow

Designed to meet the high flow purge gas requirements of new process tools, Tescom's 23 Series high flow, ultra high purity, pressure reducing regulator offers a flow capacity of Cv=1.8.

  • 316L VAR Stainless Steel body construction
  • Smooth unobstructed flow path for complete purging
  • 10 Ra or 5 Ra microinch internal finishes
  • Threadless construction (23-4 Series)
  • Springless & threadless construction (23-3 series)
  • Positive shutoff seal with positionable bonnet or free poppet design
  • Maximum inlet: 250 or 150 PSIG (17.2 or 10.3 bar)
  • Metal to metal diaphragm to body seal
  • Precision Electro-Polishing (P.E.P.) available

35 Magnum Series 1" Ultra-High Purity Valve!

The High Purity Controls Division announces an addition to its Magnum Series bulk gas valve line. The 35 Series diaphragm valve expands Tescom's Magnum Series to 1" and Cv=11. The larger valve establishes Tescom as a full service high purity valve and regulator supplier for up to one inch service.

Product features include:

  • Metal to metal diaphragm to body seal
  • Flow capacity: Cv=11
  • Tescom PureWeldTM construction
  • Tied diaphragm design
  • 10 Ra microinch internal surface finishes
  • Bar stock construction
  • 250 PSIG maximum operating pressure

Typical applications include large flow filter skids and bulk gas systems.

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