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Greatest Hits of 2005
Greatest Hits of 2005

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Featured Series

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Featured Series

Extended editorial coverage of critical industry trends


With device geometries shrinking well into the nanoscale realm, the challenges faced in the transistor formation portion of wafer processing have increased enormously. This series focuses on such front-end-of-line processes and challenges as strain engineering (sSi, sSO1, etc.), gate stack engineering, nonplanar transistor structures, atomic layer deposition, nondamaging surface preparation and cleaning approaches, and advanced metrology and inspection strategies.

Chipworks Corner

A regular series of device-level process analyses, written exclusively for MICRO by Chipworks' senior technology adviser, Dick James.

ISMI Manufacturing Effectiveness

This exclusive series, done in conjunction with International Sematech Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), focuses on how chipmakers can reduce costs in current and next-generation fabs. Contributed articles will examine advances in such areas as factory and tool productivity, metrology, and ESH that can help sustain manufacturing efficiency and profitability.

Reality Check

Chipmaking veteran Bijan Moslehi offers his perspectives on the challenges facing an industry in transformation in MICRO's Reality Check column.

Tech Emergent

From supercritical CO2 cleaning to immersion lithography, dozens of new processes, materials, and control strategies are poised to enter current and next-generation production. This series showcases contributed articles from those working on the front lines of advanced development.

Special Apps

Compound semiconductors, MEMS, thin-film heads, and other nonmainstream applications are among the fastest growing segments of the chipmaking community. This series examines key manufacturing technologies in those segments through MICRO's focused lens of defect reduction, process and equipment control, and yield enhancement strategies.

Taking Control

These articles showcase strategies being used to achieve advanced process and equipment control in semiconductor manufacturing.

Brave New Materials

Articles on the defect, process-control, and yield issues associated with integrating materials such as silicon-on-insulator, high-k dielectrics, and exotic elements into process recipes.

Behind the Mask

These articles—written by the major photomask suppliers, their partners, and their customers—report on the research and manufacturing work being conducted in the mask and reticle community.

Best of ASMC

An assortment of the most intriguing papers from recent Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conferences.

Mapping the Roadmap

Updates and analysis concerning the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (IRTS)

Extreme Silicon

Silicon wafer manufacture is a business of extremes. This series deals with some of the technical challenges faced in the wafermaking side of the industry.

Building Copperopolis

Technical articles from equipment and materials suppliers as well as from the research and chipmaker communities. Topics include defect analysis and metrology, chemical and slurry delivery and waste treatment, process equipment defectivity, and surface cleaning.

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