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Best of ASMC

The most intriguing papers from recent Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conferences.

Reducing water consumption in semiconductor fabs
A series of studies has led to sink, water line, and other technology modifications, enabling a semiconductor fab to significantly reduce water and electricity consumption. (October 2002)

Improving equipment productivity through on-product etch-process monitoring
Experiments performed during implementation of a real-time process control technique revealed the technique's advantages over traditional equipment qualification. (October 2002)

Using ultradilute and ozonated DI-water chemistries to clean silicon wafer surfaces
Experiments involving various surface-cleaning methods demonstrate that an ultradilute approach can reduce chemical consumption, lower costs, and help protect the environment. (September 2002)

Improving the etch process as part of an overall plan to increase fab productivity
A project at a semiconductor fab shows that wafer yields can be increased by optimizing equipment productivity, production recipes, process-integration flow, and manufacturing methods. (May 2001)

Investigating and eliminating sphere defects in T1 and T2 technologies
In a fab study, defect density monitoring identified defects in new technology processes, leading to the use of an RF mode and e-chuck operating voltage that eliminate the defects and optimize yields. (March 2001)

Evaluating the yield impact of epitaxial defects on advanced IC technologies
A collaborative study that used an advanced unpatterned wafer inspection system found that epitaxial defects and their corresponding impact on device yield varied between wafer suppliers. (January 2001)

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