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Extreme Silicon

These articles focus on the wafermaking side of the industry.

(Critical Materials—Wafers) Controlling dislocations and bulk microdefects on fabricated wafers to prevent device leakage
Experiments on patterned and unpatterned wafers investigate dislocations and bulk microdefects on silicon wafers, and show that oxygen precipitation must be controlled to enhance internal gettering. (July 2003)

(Extreme Silicon) Investigating the formation of time-dependent haze on stored wafers
Study results indicate that time-dependent haze can be caused by humidity inside wafer packaging and by organic or ionic contamination on the wafer surface that exceeds typical levels. (March 2001)

(Extreme Silicon) Investigating optical metrology issues specific to SIMOX-SOI wafers
Studies show that an SOI wafer fabrication process can be optimized to prevent problems associated with the use of optical characterization tools. (June 2000)

(Extreme Silicon) Monitoring organics on wafer surfaces using thermal desorption GC-MSD/AED
By combining mass spectrometry and atomic emission detectors, an analytical technique can provide both qualitative and quantitative data. (March 2000)

(Extreme Silicon) Investigating ionizer use in Class 1 and Class 100 cleanrooms
A series of investigations were initiated to evaluate the costs and benefits of using ionization systems in Class 1 and Class 100 cleanrooms and to determine what impact ionization use has on airborne particle attraction to silicon wafers. (June '99)

(Extreme Silicon) Demonstrating a contamination-free wafer surface extraction system for use with CE and IC
As the semiconductor industry ramps up to 300-mm wafers and faces the evolving defect density requirements of the SIA roadmap, nonmetallic ionic contaminants on wafer surfaces have become an increasingly important concern. (April '99)

(Extreme Silicon) Using ICP-MS for in-line monitoring of metallics in silicon waferócleaning baths (Part 1)
A setup at a wafer manufacturing facility connects an in-line ICP-MS to final cleaning baths for silicon wafers to monitor metal concentrations in all the baths as the wafers are cleaned. (Feb 99)

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