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Greatest Hits of 2005

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Reality Check

Chipmaking veteran Bijan Moslehi offers his perspectives on the challenges facing an industry in transformation in MICRO's Reality Check column.

Micro Fuel Cells for Portable Electronics
Realization of True Mobility with Long Operation Time Is on Horizon
(June 2006)

The Emergence of Solid-State Lighting
Rapid Advances and a Multitude of Applications Promise a Large and Growing Market
(May 2006)

Harvesting the Sun: Renewable Power Generation from Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Shortages of Silicon Wafers Have Led to Temporary Growing Pains
(April 2006)

Pinpointing Emerging Market Drivers
A Multitude of Enabling Technologies Promise Strong Growth
(March 2006)

Reviewing Process Technology Challenges
Materials, Cost, Productivity, and Risk Management Top the List
(October/November 2005)

Facing the Rising Costs of R&D
Collaborative Partnerships, Alliances Reduce Industry Research Gap
(August/September 2005)

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing
Total Costs and Their Various Components Must Be Scrutinized
(July 2005)

The Role of Intellectual Property
Effective IP Management Can Be a Critical Differentiator
(June 2005)

Managing Profitability Through the Cycles
A Flexible Yet Socially Responsible Perspective is Essential
(May 2005)

Lithography at the Crossroads
Can One Solution Fit All or Will Segmentation Take Place?
(April 2005)

Pushing toward Green Manufacturing
Requirements Should Be Met during Process R&D Stage
(March 2005)

Meeting the Nanoscale Device Fabrication Challenge
True, Integrated Design for Manufacturability Must Be Implemented
(January/February 2005)

Creating a Better Roadmap
Technology, Business Factors Must Both Be Incorporated
(October/November 2004)

Moving toward Full Fab Automation
In Search of the Elusive 'Lights-Out Fab'
(August/September 2004)

The 300-mm Age Has Finally Arrived
But What about Its Long-Term Impact?
(July 2004)

Integrated Metrology Offers Great Promise
But Why Such a Slow Adoption?
(June 2004)

Examining the Future of Wafer Cleaning
New Applications Demand Novel Solutions
(May 2004)

Batch-Wet Process Still Dominates Wafer-Cleaning Market
But for how long?
(April 2004)

Entering the E-Manufacturing Era
Huge Benefits Promised, but a Bumpy Road Ahead
(March 2004)

An Industry in Transformation
Weighing the Risks, Challenges, Opportunities, and Rewards
(January/February 2004)

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